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    It does not seem to be done very much of recent times. Try creams first but if circumcision is required it is possible for a partial where as much foreskin is left behind as possible.
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    My DS is nearly 8 and we are facing the possibility of circ. He has had ballooning and cannot pee straight but that was corrected by teaching him to try and retract just a little to ease it. However he also suffers phimosis, we have just completed the 4th round of steroid cream - it seems to help for a while but after a month of not using the cream seems to retighten. He has suffered numerous bouts of balanitis, one time so bad he didn't pee for 16hrs and ended up in emergency having his bladder drained. Whilst we are reluctant to circ I would rather do it whilst he's younger if we get to that point, an ex had it done in his 30s and it was horrendous for him.


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