Hi All,
Well this is my first post so excuse the lack of or incorrect abbreviations. My best friend of 20 years has one child, 2yrs and a few months ago suffered a miscarriage at 12 weeks. Of course we were all shocked, she was the first of our 'circle of friends' that this had happened to.
As her best friend it hurt that I couldn't do anything to help her I have 2 children and fell pregnant easily with both. She also fell pregnant easily with both. She isn't the most positive person on this planet so this M/C has really taken its toll on her (understandably). She didn't want to talk to me and has really been in a 'hole' since, not herself and not really wanting to socialise.
She knew I was TTC again and asked me not to talk about it too much, which I totally understand. I have just had a BFP and wanted to tell her in person so she didn't hear it from someone else and feel left out or angry.
She guessed that I was pregnant and texted asking me not to come and tell her as she needed to deal with it herself. I completely understood this but she has since been quite nasty in things she texts me and I know she is hurting and upset but it is like she is taking it out on me.
In previous months she has also taken this anger and hurt out on me and I don't know much more I can take before I say something about it. I know that sounds terrible, and I understand she thinks she can take it out on me as she is my best mate, but it's getting to a point that is making me angry with her.
I have never had a M/C so I have no idea what you have all been through, but I also believe in the power of the mind and positive thinking - which of course she isn't doing much of.
Is there anyway I can help her to move on from the hurt she has experienced whilst not loosing my best friend? Unfortunately she is not the type of person who can easily open up - if at all. I just need some help!!