Wow this is an old post - first time poster.
I was admitted for induction on the 28th October 2011 and had three failed inductions. on the 31st October because i was sore from the inductions, i was begging for a ceaser ( was 13days o/d) I asked for one and spoke to a surgeon who was sighing throughout filling out paper work. I was right opposite the nurses station and heard the mw's and the surgeon talking about me and how i wanted to take the easy way out! They sent me home that day and told me to think about it. I came back the next day expecting a ceaser (which was what i was told) and the surgeon came in and said how he wasn't happy about giving me a ceaser and that if he could break my waters with an epi would i do it. I agreed. 4 hours into labour, and waters broken, i hadn't dilated at all. The surgeon came in and if it wasn't for me fighting him, would have been wheeled back to my room for the night! Needless to say, i was treated like crap for 2 days after, when i just discharged myself. NEVER going to that hospital again!