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    Default Carseat - Help!

    Hi Ladies!
    I am sorta new here (well haven’t been on for a long time!)

    I am just wondering if anyone can help me out here…

    So I am due for my second in 6 weeks and my first will be 17 months old. I am currently looking for a carseat.

    Originally I was going to put the newborn in my eldest seat, and then buy herself a new seat.

    I know u can get seats that come in sizes newborn to 18kgs (I think?) or 6 months to 7 years old. I have been finding it hard to find the second size though.

    Now I am wondering if it is even worth buying a bigger carseat, and to just go with the same size I have already.

    My daughter is only little, she is only 9kg and is 16 months! how long did you baby last in those smaller carseats?? I don’t want to have to go buy another one when shes only 2. But it would be ok if she lasted until 3 or 4??

    I hope this isn’t too confusing?

    Please help!


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    DS is 10 months, 9.5 kg and rear facing in a convertible car seat.
    If your daughter weighs only 9kg I'd be inclined to keep her in her current seat.
    I looked at a maxi rider ahr and baby love ezy combo (both 6 months - 7 years) for DS when he began to outgrow his capsule. He looked way too small in those seats so I went for the platinum ahr (newborn to 18 kg seat).
    Can you get a capsule for your next bubba and by the time they outgrow it, your DD will be big enough to move into a convertible booster seat.
    Hope this helps.

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    If your DD is only 9kg at 16 months, she will most likely fit in her current seat up to 4 when you can change to a booster seat.

    There are a lot of car seats in the older group though, do you have any big baby stores where you live? http://www.babybunting.com.au/index....ety/47118.html

    Because they go from 8kg to 7 years of age. Which would mean you don't have to buy another seat at all after this one, and you can put the new baby in your DD's seat.

    If you google any baby online sites, you can usually click on car safety products and then look at only car seats in the 6months to 7 years age group.


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