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    Default Is it normal for a baby to have diarrhea following a period of being constipated?

    Sorry to hog by posting 2 new threads but having some parenting issues....DS2, who is 3 months, did not poo for 8 days. I gave him coloxyl as recommended by his paed. It took ages to work so I ended up giving it to him for about 5 days at least. He ended up doing a hard poo. It is now at least a week since I stopped giving him coloxyl but he has the runs and has been pooing watery poos - about 5 a day - for the past 36 hours. He has been feeding heaps so I don't think he is in danger of being dehydrated. Does anyone know if it is likely that the coloxyl is still in his system aggravating his bowel, or is it normal for the poo to flow freely once a blockage is cleared??

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    I would definitely say he had a "blockage" and now the rest is coming out. From what I remember (haven't worked in a proper hospital for a year now!) coloxyl is a stool softener, so if there was heaps of poo in his bowel he's still probably getting rid of the softened poo. Does that make sense?
    Just watch for signs of dehydration, make sure he has wet nappies with wee, although it can be difficult to see!


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