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    It definitely changes from child to child. Your baby could take to the bottle and be perfectly content or she could completely reject the bottle regardless or when you introduce it or how you go about it. If you introduce the bottle too early, however, you do run the risk of nipple confusion and rejection because it is far easier for a baby to get milk from a bottle. They are very quick to get lazy.

    My favourite resource for breastfeeding and all related booby matters is www.kellymom.com . Have a good look through it and try to take things a day at a time. All the best

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    Quote Originally Posted by maria02 View Post
    Hmm thanks for that. I certainly want to get breastfeeding established first, so maybe around the 3 month mark would be good- and maybe getting DH to do an occasional feed to keep bubba interested in both would work. For building up an initial stockpile of expressed milk, do you just wait until after baby has had a feed and then pump out any leftover milk? I don't want to overstimulate and end up with a huge supply but don't want to deprive baby!
    Definately express after bub has had their feed. I found it easiest expressing in the morning (late afternoon bub would cluster feed, so he pretty much drained me!). DS would usually have a big feed on one boob, then a smaller one on the other, so after he'd fed I would express from the other.

    If you start early and only pump once a day in the morning, you shouldn't end up with too much of an over-supply. Just remember EBM only lasts up to three months in the freezer, so make sure you date all your batches and use the old ones first!

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    I'll come back when on the PC but, basically:
    - Don't start too late. I did with DS2. DS1 I started with very early on.
    - express a little after feeds
    - express a full amount when you skip a feed, even if bub is there.
    - set up a routine (eg/ 11am is a bottle) and stick with it.
    - date everything
    - make sure you have access to a private area to express at work (I had to use the toilet. I regret not fighting for a room to use).

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    Thanks girls, this is great information!

    Definitely gotten an idea of how to get started with it all now


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