DD is 12 weeks old. She had lactose overload which we managed through block feeding. We also had her bassinet raised to help her gas. She since griwn out of it/supply has stabilised. I feed her to sleep and until Christmas gave her cuddles so she was upright for at least 10 mins after a feed.

Since she was 6 weeks old she has rarely sleep during the day. At about the same time she went into her cot. If I managed to get her down she'd last 30 mins and wake up crying. The most sleep she has had has been in capsule, upright on someone or overnight (exhaustion?).

She is a little chucky about 1 hr after feed. Her weight gain is good, but she does sometimes sound like she has phlegm in her throat.

Could it be silent reflux? We're off to doc's tomorrow but thought I'd ask the forum and ask for ideas to help DD.