My DH 32 and I 33, PCOS and removed tubes from previous ectopic pregnancies. Just completed our first cycle through Monash Rockhampton, with Dr Leydan. The nurses/staff at Monash are faultless, Dr Leyden is very professional, but very busy!
I am seeking advise and looking for others to talk to in the Rockhampton area going through or have been through IVF or other fertility treatments. I have a great supportive family and DH, but when it comes to the crunch, others going thru the same process would be alot more understanding and offer different levels of advice.
Our first cycle was unsuccessful, we proceeded cautiously with our injections, starting on a low dose of Gonal f, we were bumped up twice, but were still not highly responsive. Low hormonal levels and 2 folicles that were too small, so were cancelled at that stage. We are more positive now with the trial and error element largely eliminated and are looking forward to more encouraging results next round.
So please, if you are in the Rocky/Yeppoon area, and would ever like to talk please feel free to say hi. Wishing everyone out there the very best of luck and hope your journey is a successful one.