My name is Ashleigh O'Brien and i am currently (on night duty as a nurse- hence the 4am post- but also) in the final months of completing my Midwifery degree in Melbourne. I am desperately looking for women (ideally) between 30-40 weeks pregnant, in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and are willing to share their pregnancy journey with me as part of something called "the follow through journey". Basically it is myself becoming a support person for you through your journey to meeting bubs, in the form of free midwife, in conjunction with your hospital carers. Essentially i can provide you with ongoing answers to all those questions, antenatal support attending occasional appointments, birth/labour support (should you feel comfortable/want it) and of course a postnatal follow up to see how you transition and answer new questions etc.
To be eligible to graduate this year i require 10 women to help me out. I understand the gravity of the request and will be eternally greatful to anyone willing to join me. Afterall this is my passion and the career i have chosen. So your journey will be shared respectfully and with great professionalism.

Regards Ashleigh