We moved from Bribie Island down to the Gold Coast in July but did our search of Child Care Centres from a distance. After choosing Coomera Clubhouse, we had them there for 4 months before removing them.

Here are our reasons:
1. Our daughter had no friends and was actively discouraged from having or meeting any of the other kids. (We know this through watching for 15mins what the teachers did with our daughter when we left)

2. The teachers actively ignored any requests we made and did the complete opposite.

3. In the 4 months our children were in Coomera Clubhouse, I saw the "lead" educator for both my children's rooms only 3 times each.

4. My son has Cystic Fibrosis and requires medication before all meal (not a problem to attend centre) but no-one was helpful in that they did't want to know anything about the condition. My son's medication is dosed on the Fat Content in the food and no-one was willing to find out how much fat was in the meals he was eating so I could dose him correctly. If not dosed right, he doesn't put on weight.

4. The food for Morning Tea and Afternoon Tea rarely changed. And there were about 5 alternating meals for lunch each week.

5. They were forever losing things. Hats being the main one. And they can never them. They were disorganised and unprepared.

Look, I could go on and on. Yes, the centre presents well, it's nicely decorated and the front staff are nice. But they don't get the whole "relational" factor. They had no idea who I was and who my children were.

It just felt like an expensive baby sitting service, IMO.

Hence we have moved both our kids to the Bonny Babes centre in Oxenford, which is absolutely awesome and I highly recommend them. Unfortunately (kind of) our daughter has to leave as she will be attending the Coomera Anglican College ELC from Jan 2013.