Hello, my name is Donna and my husband and I are looking for a special woman thatwould like to give us the ultimate gift... egg donation. It has been a long anddifficult road so far but we are hopeful and optimistic that one day we will beparents.
I, like many others was a ‘late bloomer’ and I didn’t thinkI would ever meet the ‘one’. Finally Idid! We knew early that we wanted to betogether so we married one year after our initial meeting . We started planningfor a family straight away knowing that it could be difficult due to my age. I am now 42 and have been diagnosed with the devastating news thatI am going through early menopause. Wehave had several miscarriages, and many unsuccessful IVF attempts. We knew itwould be difficult but never imagined that we would be faced with thisincredibly heartbreaking situation.
Egg donation is nowour only option to have a baby.
I love my job as a primary school teacher but it has becomedifficult. Facing children every day is a constant reminder of what I woulddearly love. We try to stay strong and do things we love such as cooking,kayaking, catching up with family and friends, just spending time together .
We understand that we are asking you to make an incrediblegesture but it is our only hope to become the parents we have always wanted tobe. I am confident we would be wonderfulloving parents.
This often very painful experience has made our commitmentto each other even stronger. We are hopeful that a very special person willgive us this precious gift .We live in Sydney and will reimburse any expensesyou may incur. If you are under 35, have completed your family and you thinkyou might be able to help, please contact us at dagnew1@yahoo.com.au or taddpike@gmail.com We would love to hearfrom you.