I hope this is ok to copy & paste from facebook? It is a different and largely unheard view by a man of Aboriginal and white australian blood. Well worth reading!;


Gold Coast weekend Bulletin 28TH/29TH Jan 2012, picture below..., This is disgraceful, the burning of our flag, who do you think you are Aboriginal Australian, and just so you know, you do not stand for me or my children or our future, you are an embarrassment to Australia and to those of us that do also carry the Ancient Aboriginal blood line of our forefathers, I would also like to remind you all that the majority of Aboriginal Australia as myself and my children are not even half cast, you are very very much less than that!! We are also only the carriers of the Ancient blood line we are not the Ancient Aboriginal people, we are a the modern people of Australia that live in the here and now, with a mix blood/including English etc etc which many of you seem not to want to acknowledge at all!! This is not a fight or war with the English and Aboriginal anymore (get over that) Australia is a country that exist of every nation in the world, we are a multicultural community, so who are you fighting with?? (really who are you fighting with) I as everyone in this country knows the history of Australia and what was done to our forefathers etc, but you can never take back what happened, so stand up and get up and get on with it, this land this beautiful country called Australia belongs to all/every person that lives here and was born here, it is not Aboriginal land anymore (never will it be), it is AUSTRALIA!! Many tongues, many faces and many voices, with many hands that built and fought for this land, so you, yeah you, and all of us, could live in freedom!! And don't get me wrong I feel for the past, I do feel it deeply, but the past is the past, and our future awaits, and a future that is bright, prosperious, enriched with wisdom, knowledge and love etc etc, without racism, judgement and unforgiveness etc etc, can only come through our hands, moving forward to where we are right now, TODAY! We are all the future of Australia, we need to embrace it and grow with it, and move forward with love and kindness etc etc, because without these qualities, you have nothing to offer yourself or to offer this beautiful country of ours, called AUSTRALIA!! that's right, AUSTRALIA! Wake up, grow up and stop teaching our children to hate, our children are our future, what kind of future do you want them to have?? They do have a blessed life ahead of them if you, yeah you, make it happen..., stop acting like the "VICTIM" and start to show some "REALITY OF SELF" because this picture below is rubbish, shame shame shame on you Aboriginal Australia!! You are still going backwards, and taking your children with you!!

And just so you know, my grandfather was a FEATHFOOT/KADAIRCHA MAN/A MAGIC MAN/A HEALER, from the Yidigy tribe of Far north QLD AUSTRALIA, Cairns, Gordonvale, Innisfail etc etc, a man of culture, a man of peace, a man for the future of his people..., I am this man, his culture, his peace and his FUTURE! And I will be his voice, not YOU!!

This is "AUSTRALIA" and we are every colour, nation n' tongue under the sun..., be proud that you are an "AUSTRALIAN" from the beginning of our history to this very day "2012" we are many nations n' many faces that call "AUSTRALIA" home, and it belongs to all of US!! It does not belong to one nation or tribe or tongue or people, this is "AUSTRALIA"

Ashley Byrnes
Writer Author Poet Speaker