My DS is nearly 14 weeks old. For the last week and a half his schedule has pretty much been the same. It's not too bad (for me) but I'm curious as to how others' compare! I'm also wondering how many of you have these cat napping babies

Ours goes something like this...He can only stay awake 1.5hours most of the time.
7:30: Wake and feed, play, sleep at 9am
9:45: Usually wakes from first cycle needs a rock, I try to get him to go until 10:30 but hardly ever can.
10:30am: Wake and feed, play, sleep at 12pm
1pm: Wake and feed, play, sleep at 2:30 (This sleep happens in swing to ensure a longer sleep)
4:30pm: Wake and feed, play sleep at 6pm
6:45 Wake and feed, bath, sometimes bottle, story, more feeding!! Usually fally asleep at 8-8:30...

Then after this sometimes he has one more night feed or knocks off for the night which is usually 4.5-5.5hr sleeps...

What do people think of this? Should I be trying to get longer sleeps? I was trying to but got fed up and realised he would be feeding a lot less. By the way he is BF baby. Would love to see your routine too.