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    Quote Originally Posted by babycart View Post

    Like the others I would have expected a +ve hpt by now. Did you have any other O indicators like ewcm?

    If you didn't ovulate you will still get AF (eventually).

    Is it possible that o has been delayed through stress/illness? Have you just come off the pill? Are you breast feeding? These things can all mess with your cycle.

    Good luck!!

    Sorry I just saw your post!! I havent been stressed or ill. I came off the pill in July last year and we are TTC #1 so no breastfeeding over here! I dont notice EWCM very often..I can only remember 2 times where Ive seen it. I had EWCM last cycle but none that I noticed this cycle. I thought that maybe my body was getting used to coming off the pill but surely after 7 months it would all be sorted out now?

    My cycles seem to be getting longer though. Since coming off the pill my cycles have been 42days, 35days, 37days, 35 days and now Im up to CD47 with no AF. Im starting to think I definitely didnt ovulate.

    I was tested for PCOS in 2010 and came back all clear..Do you think its possible that I have developed it now? My cycles were never this long before I started taking the pill.

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    I don't know much about pcos so can't offer any advice there. I *think* it is something you either have or you don't, not something that comes and goes.

    I have heard stories of long term pill use messing with ttc efforts (ie taking over a year for cycles to return). I'm sure if you search you'll find some of these threads.

    Also, look at taking some vitamins like vitamin B or Vitex, as they can help regulate a wacky cycle.

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