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    I've rented 2 houses in the past 11 yrs and raised 5 children while residing there...I've always been extremely fussy come cleanliness and it's paid off, I've not yet been called back to re-clean anything and got all my bond back both times however when moving IN to these properties was a different story, I had to take heaps of photos and report all my claims as to how filthy these houses were!
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    Default Re: Renters, answer me this?

    Quote Originally Posted by delirium View Post
    lol I was made to travel 200kms to remove a finger print off a tap and mirror Mind you the PM said she was more than happy to get cleaners in. Yeah like I'm going to pay $200+ out of my bond for them to remove a finger print
    Insane! No wonder PM's get such a bad wrap when there are obviously so many insane ones out there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by peanutmonkey View Post
    Insane! No wonder PM's get such a bad wrap when there are obviously so many insane ones out there!

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    and I should have added that was 200km EACH way!! We have talked to others that rented thru that RE and they said the same thing happened. Got told totally ridiculous things were wrong, then said oh you don't worry about it, we'll get a cleaner if for you. We believe the PM has a friend or family member who owned a cleaning business and was getting them work this way.

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    Default Renters, answer me this?

    I've just moved into my first rental and my PM has been fantastic. The unit was FILTHY when I inspected it. Was like the last tenants just picked up their crap and left. Hangers, boxes, toilet mats all left, dirt/dust everywhere. The PM had it sparkling the next day.

    The oven door was broken before and I knew she was fixing it. The day I moved in I called her to say the oven wouldn't turn on, I had a brand new oven installed the next day. The hot water system leaked, it was repaired next day. She's met with me directly to discuss the entry condition checklist and has a handyman coming to fix minor issues. I can do whatever I want to the gardens and add small fence.

    I am worried about the big patch of missing paint in the office area. My DS has already found an edge of loose paint and pulled it. I want to repaint it at my own cost just to stop my son from making the patch bigger!

    I purposely avoided all new homes/units to rent as I am fully aware my son can be destructive.

    I'm scared to ever move after these stories though!

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    Default Renters, answer me this?

    We've rented 7 houses in the last 7 years and most of our LLs have been lovely. Generally we get all our bond back and when we don't its because its used for carpet cleaning or something which I'm perfectly happy with! I've only had a few issues but because I'm so pedantic when I move in with photos of every little thing and noting every scratch, discolouration or dirt I usually come out ahead. Houses are cleaner when we move out than when we move in and that has been the case with EVERY house. It was LLs I had during university that were the worst. They seem to think cause you're a student they can take you for a ride. One of them wanted to take the whole bond for various made up issues. The house had been completely redone in some rooms but others (like the kitchen) were falling apart when we moved in. We took him to court and he had to give back the bond plus pay legal fees for us. Second uni LL said at the end of the lease that he had never said I could have my hamster so I would have to pay extra because 'he could smell it'. Total lie because I moved the hamster out 2 months before end of lease so it wasn't there when people were looking around, had the windows open constantly and cleaned the carpet (not that he was ever on the carpet!). Completely untrue that he hadn't said i could have it there because I actually had an email I had sent him to check it was still ok and his response... I guess he figured cause it wasn't on the contract I wouldn't still have the proof over a year later!

    On the opposite side we had a LL put in a cat flap for us because he was replacing the front door at the time. Had a LL tell us to 'make ourselves at home' including painting walls different colours if we wished. We had 2 cats, 2 house rabbits and 2 hamsters at that property and we got back 100% bond and a lovely reference.

    Our current LL is nice as well. This is his first property and it sounds like the tenants he inherited when he bought it were a nightmare. It's a really old property and there are quite a few things broken etc (not by us) but he realised that was the case and he's really laid back. He wants to move in when we leave anyway to do it up so I don't think he's too bothered about scuffs and things. He let us get a dog and bring our cat in and generally things get done (although we were waiting months for heating and air con but we weren't going to complain cause he's so lovely!) I think he can see we keep his property nice because he does just pop round every now and again (illegal I know but doesn't bother me, we aren't doing anything wrong!) and it was quite handy because when it came to inspection time he told the agents to waive the inspection cause he had seen the house in its current state and was perfectly happy with it. I do worry sometimes about what's going to happen when we have the baby but I know he wants to completely repaint and rip out the carpets etc when we leave anyway so I doubt he'll be fussed if there are marks here and there.

    I do think LL take people for idiots sometimes and it is such a shame that good tenants have to be so careful about listing everything and having it all in writing so they don't get screwed over.


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