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    Default Toddler tips!

    Just wanting some tips from all the experienced mummy's - DS is 15 months , just started walking and is generally a great kid but I feel I'm at that stage where he is starting to become a little stubborn man ! My sister has a great tip that she wished she never let my niece get involved in choosing her own clothes as she was a terror during those toddler/pre school years to dress, she recommends giving two choices only which sounds like a great idea , what are some other ideas that you did or wish you did with your kids to make life easier!

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    Subscribing. My DS is very "wilful". I need all the help I can get!

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    If we have to go somewhere or do something I give him notice, for eg I say we're going to go to x place soon, or we need to get ready to go to x place soon (if he's not dressed yet) or I'll say we have to do x soon (bath, have breakfast etc etc) I find the warning a little bit before hand helps alot of the temper tantrums, I still deal with alot of them in regards to leaving toys etc as I have no licence so really cant wait that extra 5 minutes while he finishes playing otherwise I miss the bus

    Ds is almost 20 months, I find if he's chucking a tantrum I just try to breath it out and I dont touch or talk to him much (he gets even crankier then) I say when you are done being cranky you can have a cuddle and mum will help you.
    9/10 he will stop pretty much right away and ask for a cuddle, which is a nice compromise (as appose to just saying its my way or the high way and scream you terror)

    He has no choice in clothes and frankly wont until he can start to protest in which case if he has no real reason not to wear the item (ie its uncomfortable etc) then he can choose to get dressed or I will take him naked lol

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