I received this email (below) this morning, and I asked if I could post it here to raise awareness of the upcoming changes to the Better Access program, which is an issue close to the heart of a lot of us that post in the depression section of this forum. Please forward the text below to anyone you think might be interested, and take the time to email Green Senator Penny Wright to voice your concern. TIA Tiggy

Earlier in the year you joined thousands of other Australians who signed an online petition against cuts to the Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative. Now there is the opportunity for The Greens and the Coalition to move a motion against these cuts to psychological services. On Tuesday 7 February 2012, Senator Penny Wright has proposed to disallow the cuts, which will see the changed policy that has limited therapy to ten appointments overturned. You can read her public statement promising to oppose the cuts here: http://www.penny-wright.greensmps.or...er-access-cuts
Right now though, there are growing concerns that the Government may be planning to make a deal with The Greens to stop them from disallowing the cuts. We need as many people as possible to tell The Greens that they should follow through with the planned move to disallow the cuts. We are asking all of you who have signed our petition to send an email or write to Senator Penny Wright, supporting her decision to overturn the Government's flawed policy on mental health care.
If you would like to email the Greens Senator, she can be contacted here:senator.wright@aph.gov.au
Alternatively, if you would like to write to Senator Penny Wright, the address is:

Office of Senator Penny Wright
Level 13, Commonwealth Bank Building
100 King William St, Adelaide SA 5000

Your efforts are greatly appreciated and the signatures we have gathered in this campaign are planned to be tabled in parliament. The most pressing issue at the moment however, is making sure that our politicial representatives follow through with action that represents the strong public interest we have seen.
We appreciate your support and please know that every voice makes a difference!

To find out more about the current situation, please visithttp://betteraccess.net/index.php/in...allow-the-cuts

For updates, you can follow us on twitter (https://twitter.com/betteraccess) or Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/GetBOMHC/). You can also find information, news, and debate about all of the developments around the cuts to psychological services at http://betteraccess.net