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    Quote Originally Posted by JordansMummy View Post
    Reminds me when I was 18 I got a job but was given a week trial. It was working in a patisserie and I was told I could have lunch everyday. End of the week came, they refused to pay me saying it was a trial and never called me back. I did a full weeks work. I was so devastated. I really should have taken it further but because of my age I was intimidate and unfortunately I probably let these snakes continue doing it to the next person in line.
    This is what happened to my DD1 she is 16, I couldnt believe the level of rudeness coming from the owner and it was a family business not some big company like maccers or kfc either. We dont go there and no one that I know never go there either

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    I thought they loved volunteers but it certainly opened my eyes on how hard it is
    You've got to realise though that employers can and do get sued by people who trial with them and get injured or perform work that injures their business. It happens a lot and the volunteer deserves to be protected too.
    as she had a trial a few weeks back at a shop and the owner wouldnt pay for all the hours she worked for, I made him
    Good for you. A good employer will take someone on under a probationary period rather than try to get them for free. After all, that's what probation periods are for. The cooking industry is really bad for trials where people think it's a rite of passage for wannabe chefs to do. It was even encouraged until recently by food magazines. It's not. It's wrong. You work, you get paid. Alternatively, if you undertake work experience, you are adequately covered and receive recognition (ie reference, training etc) by the organisation for which you volunteer. Never give your time for free!

    Gloria Jeans take on unqualified workers and provide good training. You might like to try them.

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    Like others have said you can't accept ppl for unpaid work experience/trails.

    Is she looking for full time work or part time while she does something else? Is she looking at getting into hospitality as a profession?

    My background is hospitality management and to be honest I don't generally employee someone without experience or as their first job - the industry is just too hard at the higher levels to have first time workers IYKWIM.

    Things I would look for in younger staff though would include
    1. References from school teachers
    2. Any volunteering work
    3. Ongoing commitment to something ie. school results, working in a team (sport etc), learning an instrument - something like that.
    4. Any additional training they may have done would be a huge bonus (ie. barista short course)
    If it was someone looking for a full time job as a career I would encourage them to do a traineeship of some short (cert III kinda thing).

    I always found employees who had previously worked at McDonalds, Subway, KFC etc and were exposed to systems and training and standards where pretty good. Even though it may not be an ideal starting point, it may be a good foot in the door. Six months at Maccas could be a good stepping stone to something else.

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    Has she thought about applying for a cafe job at McDonalds?

    I worked there for 4.5 years (starting when I was almost 17) and the training I had was amazing. I had next to no job experience, but was hired on the spot.

    They also paid for me to do my Certificate III in Retail Operations. I couldn't recommend it highly enough, you just need to check in advance that it's one of the decent stores. I'm sure there'd be people she goes to school with who work at the local McDonalds who she could ask what the store is like. If not, I'm sure some of her classmates will know others who work there. I wouldn't let her be put off by the food aspect, a job is a job, and the fantastic training would open a lot of doors for her.
    If you're dedicated, a hard worker, and the kind of person who always does their best you can really go far with them. It is what you make of it, there are people who work there who slack off or put no effort in, but if she works hard and does her best it could really be a useful step forward.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MuminMind View Post
    I think it would be more appropriate if she calls; after all she wants to do work for someone. It shows maturity, confidence and initiative. It might be helpful if you help her prepare for the call, though!

    Volunteering experience is always also great to have on a resume. (For example helping out in a pound for stray animals, etc)

    Best of luck to her!
    What she said. It's better if she calls. At least they'll see that she's confident and keen,

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    could she do some courses useful for the industry - follow workplace hygiene practices (or something), a barista course to learn how to make coffee etc? adult learning collages do these sort of courses and are i think only 1 day.

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    I started work experience working in a retail front at salvation army bric and brac. It was actually fun to do and I worked there for a few months before getting a job at maccas at 16.
    That I might add looks great on any resume since all those jobs are 100% volunteer.

    I just walked in and got the job there and then just my mum had to fill out some forms.

    Good luck .


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