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    Default Please help! LH surge detected only on one day, not two? What does it mean?

    Hi everyone! I could really use some advice.

    Yesterday my ovulation test kit detected my LH surge for the first time this month, on day 15. I’ve been testing since day 9. But today, I didn’t get the smiley face!

    What does it mean if it is detected only on one day, and not two? Does it mean I probably got a false positive yesterday and am not ovulating, or that it didn’t detect it when it should have either today or the day before the first smiley face on day 14?

    I’m using the Clear Blue ovulation test kit, in case you need to know that. I’m following the instructions correctly and doing it first thing in the morning (so after not having been to the bathroom for more than 4 hours).

    This is also my first month off the pill, in case that makes a difference.

    I would really appreciate any advice. This is our first month TTC and I realise didn’t expect to become so stressed out about the process, but I am.

    I’m planning to test again in another 4 hours, just to be sure. I’m so confused!!

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    Default Found the answer!

    Never mind, I contacted the wonderful woman who prescribes me with my Chinese fertility herbs and she explained it to me:

    "You ovulated today as once the LH surge has finished you no longer test positive. Most women only experience a single day for the positive lines. The LH surge that the urine test kit detects happens before ovulation as you have seen. It is normal that today you tested negative as your hormones are in perfect shape!

    Ongoing positive tests is indicative of perimenopause as the ovary does not respond to continual LH surging, therefore a single day of a positive line indicates good ovarian response (and reserve) to the LH surge as you had."

    I thought I would post it here in case anyone else ever has the same question.

    Thanks anyway everyone!


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