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    Default single mum, 3 kids!!!! what ever will i do!!

    hey ladies, just a little..or big.. vent as im really stressed at the moment, i have a 2 year old with health issues, a 1 year old and am 14 weeks pregnant with a third, ive recently become single.. Even before the split i was at the point of breaking.. i am living at mum mums with me and my two children and all our stuff in one tiny room and it is driving me bonkers, i cant get a rental because i rented with my mum when i was 18 and moved out before her without taking my name off the lease and i dont know the full story but now i am on the blacklist.. i have put my name down for community housing but this can take forever!!! these last few months i have never been so stressed in my life, i left to get away for 2 days but got a call 6 hours later because mr. 2 had been taken to hospital, so i spent my 2 day holiday in the hospital ( which i dont mind of course, anything for my babies).. I just need a damn break!!! my head feels like its going to explode! and ex cant take the kids because he doesnt even have a house he is just floating around with friends! Whats worse is we live 20 mins out of town and i dont get my lisense until june!!!!

    ARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!! thanks for lettting me get that off my chest!

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    gosh how terrible!! really feel for you - horrible situation to be in. I'm assuming father is no use at giving you a break even for a few hours. all this stress will be doing you and the baby no good. I've been on community housing list for 2.5 years and doubt I'll get anything within 5 years but it depends where you are.. but wouldn't wait (although if you're in a rural area I've heard you can get one quickly?)

    perhaps you could share a house (without being on the lease?) with another mum somewhere?

    hope you're okay...


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