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    Just wanted to add that your 7 y/o can also call the kids helpline
    http://www.kidshelp.com.au/. I have a friend who works on their phones and she says its a good way for children to have some control in their lives when other things are chaotic. Big hugs to you and your little ones

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    Exs suck.

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    I cant really add much more than what others have said except that this is what I had when I was a kid but roles reversed I lived with dad and it was mum that showed up on occasion when she wanted to. Infact I remember one time she didnt show up I was really upset and ended up writing a letter to her and colouring the envelope in purple because it was her favourite colour and I thought she would read it if it was purple lol... things we think of as kids.

    I would say that your eldest is really hurt by it but definetly does not understand what is going on or why, And you should definetly sit down with him and just have a short and I say short because he wont be interested in a long talk about it as he is a boy, and just say look this is whats happening be nice about it and just a breif overview as the others have said nothing nasty and keep it light.

    Make sure you give him options incase he doesnt want to talk to you about it, tell him that he can speak with grandparents, a family friend, kids helpline as suggested above, if your religious the church minister etc if he would prefer.

    But dont embarrass him if he says he doesnt want to talk just let him know that he doesnt have to but all these people are there if he does want to talk about it, And make sure he knows that he doesnt have to tell you if he talks to these poeple it will make him more confortable if he feels a bit arkward about it and all those type of people will come back and talk to you about what he said anyway so you will find out anyway.... just dont let him know that or in the future he wont confide in them again.


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