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    Default Phil & teds sport or explorer - for 2.5 year old and baby, questions?

    Have reasearched different prams and like the Phil and Teds sport pram, which has been superceded to the explorer I think?

    I have listed some pros and cons and some questions for anyone that can help me?

    * ability to have a seat for toddler on our long walks, he still loves to ride in the pram now (baby due in may) when did your toddler get over riding in the pram?
    * ability to turn pram into a single pram once toddler mostly wants to use a buggyboard - by detaching one seat. 
    * Able to attach a buggyboard (lascal I think?) and a free rider which I will prob get down the track when toddler wants to walk more and be out of the pram. What attachments would I need?
    * weight takes up to 20kg for toddler and 15kg for second bub (I think toddler is a fair way off 20kg yet!) Can older toddler jump in and out when he gets tired of the lower back seat with younger bub up front, or is this not recommended?
    * can go offroad comfortably, hopefully with no tilting!

    * Number 2 bub is down quite low in the bottom seat- near dust, mud etc?
    * cant use buggyboard or freerider whilst leaving both seats on the pram, think I will have to remove the lower back seat?
    * Toddler will need to be in the lower back seat whilst newborn is up the front (is that right?) limiting toddlers view etc, not sure how toddler will like this with his view obstructed?

    Thanks to anyone who can help me! I am looking at purchasing a second hand phil and teds sport on ebay or gumtree rather than an explorer, simply to save $. 

    Does the newer explorer have any great advantages over the sport model? 
    What is the more recent sport model I should be looking for?
    Oh and is there a capsule option for these while bub is little? Thought about hiring a capsule?

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    subscribing: My DS will be 21 months old when belly bub is due in June, and I can't get my head around prams,, gotta get my bum into gear!


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