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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammyp View Post
    Arg can anyone give me any ideas? I have 10kg to lose and I was doing so well on this app but now I'm not. I get home from uni I'm exhusted and DF works nights so I just pig out!

    I know I'm only doing it cos im lazy, bored and lonely but I can't stop :/ I e nearly put back on what I'd lost

    Btw I haven't been on here for a while my user name is sda71
    Sent you a request so maybe you could look in my food diary and see if you get any ideas, my food is pretty simply and easy

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    Hey all, have just signed up to mfp so anyone feel free to add me: JazzKitten28
    I was pretty confused by the original caloric intake it suggested for me! Just way too many was saying I should be having 150g of fat per day?? From what I have read, 70g of fat is what an average adult should be having. But I checked out this site: http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calculator.htm and was really helpful, helps you work out how many calories you should have a day for maintenance, weight loss and weight gain (but who wants that! lol) and has great tips at the bottom. You can also define how many grams of fat, protein etc. you should be having per day. So I'm using the values there in a custom goal plan on mfp. Really hope this helps, I've lost 19 kilos after bubs but want to budge the last couple and have hit a major block. Hopefully we can all start to see some results!


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