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    I get things from everywhere. Although if I'm forking out lots of money for something (like sherts, appliances etc) it had better be on special too hehe

    I actually don't think Kmart kids clothes are too bad? The third and shorts I have got from there for DS have lasted pretty well for $5 each.

    Women's clothes is a different story.
    Target is ok but found my closest one pretty crappy selection wise. But if I go to a different target there is much nicer stuff there.

    In struggling to find anything half decent ATM for me. Everything's ugly! Well I could prob find nice stuff in witchery etc but flip its exxy just for a plain top and sometimes I just cannot justify it...

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    Ironically, the nice wooden dump truck that my mum gave DS2 for Christmas broke this morning. I was quite surprised, actually. I'm going to take it back to the store she bought it from.

    I don't necessarily think quality=expensive, or that expensive=quality, just that I am willing to pay more if I have to to get good quality. I'd rather spend less, but even more so I'd rather buy less overall if it means I can have good quality stuff that will last a long time.

    I think the trick is to be willing to shop in cheaper and more expensive places but learn to recognise good quality. Though, I still see Kmart and places like Sams Warehouse as being too cheap, and that I'm less likely to get anything of quality.


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