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    Default Large breast lump at 16 weeks :(

    Just wanted to vent, and ask a some questions..

    I'm 16 weeks pregnant and have discovered a large painful lump in my right breast. I got a doctor out straight away and he told me it felt like an "absis" or "mass" and to go in to get Ultrasound done in 3 days, and possibly be reffered for a biopsy. He put me on Antibiotics in case it was an infection but said if it hadnt cleared up a fair amount in a few days it may not be one. Well.. It hasnt cleared up and I have a family history of breast cancer, my aunt had it just 2 years ago.. I have to go for testing now and I'm scared.

    I looked up (yes I know silly me) the differences between benign "safe" types of lumps and cancerous ones.. It said safer ones are generally painful, small (less then a centemetre), rounded and seem moveable (not connected to the tissue) It also said the more suspicious ones are generally not painful, larger, irregularly shaped and seem attached to the tissue..

    Mine is painful which is good sign, but very large, irregularly shaped and seems stuck to the tissue.. This has made me more scared..

    I can't stop thinking about it and wondering lots of things/fearing lots of things..

    What happens if I have cancer!?? What if I'm in an advanced stage, what happens to baby? How do they treat me? What happens to my children should the worst happen.. I know its silly but I guess we always think right through to the worst case scenarios when faced with these things..

    I'm just looking for a bit of emotional support and maybe some positive (benign) experiences, or even people who have been through the worst before?

    Im really scared and worried.. I'm only 24 and this is my third baby under 6, all breastfed :'(

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    Hope it's just an infection and the antibiotics clear it up xxx

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    Hi, just read your post. I was diagnosed with cancer (lymphoma) when I was 15 & a half weeks pregnant. I can't tell you what they will do if it is cancer because the type I had was very aggressive and needed heavy chemo. But they do give lower doses to pregnant women and that might be enough to get you far enough along that they can deliver the baby early and then give you full treatment. Depends on the stage. But fingers crossed it's nothing serious.

    On a positive note I have been in remission for 2 years and I'm now pregnant again.

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    I'm sorry I can't answer your questions but I'm currently 16 weeks and can't imagine the stress this is putting on you. When do you go for the ultrasound? Hope it's just an infection that can be treated by something stronger. Hugs!!


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