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    We have a Boori Ranch Cot with solid ends and slatted sides that remove to convert it to a toddler bed. In my mind the idea of the toddler bed is that it's lower to the ground than a usual single bed and it's smaller and more snug. The other main advantage is that it doesn't take up as much space as a single bed. For us that's a real issue when the room needs to have a bed, change table (a necessity given the fact that I have a bad back), a chair for stories (more comfy than a bed for us) and a wardrobe.

    We kept the sides on the cot til my ds was 2.5 years old and he climbed out. We converted it to a toddler bed that very afternoon which was great that we didn't need to urgently go out & buy a bed when he climbed out of his cot. From memory we didn't have a safety rail that first night, but I bought one the next day - just a standard safety rail from Target in the baby/kids section. It did go most of the way along the toddler bed edge, but it worked well. He never fell out. He was happily in that toddler bed til the age of 4 when he got a single bed. My dd is now in it as a cot and will be for a while yet, so we're definitely getting our money's worth from it.

    My mum had one of those white toddler beds from Target. Again mainly for safety (low to floor, built in safety rail) reasons, but also for space saving reasons. Worked really well.

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    My parents set up my old single bed in their spare bedroom for DS. Silly enough they also kept the cot still standing there as well.
    There have been quite a few nights that I put him to bed in the single bed and find him in the morning in his cot. He is a real monkey and has no problem climbing into the cot.

    Also, when looking at rails, not every rail suits every single bed. There are different rails for ensembles and different rails for slatted beds.
    I did not know this until I got a rail from Aldi and tried to fit it on my son's slatted bed.
    I had to sell it and get another one, which was a little more exxy, but it actually clicks in and out of the frame making it lots easier to make the bed and tuck them in.


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