Hi Everyone!
I am a student midwife @ ACU Melbourne.
I am seeking anybody who is expecting and less than 35 weeks pregnant that would be interested in having a student midwife, to take on a similar role to a doula as part of the uni's 'Follow through Journey' program that goes towards my registration.

I am really passionate about doing everything I can to make the experience of pregnancy, birth and early parenting the best experience for every person I work with.

I place the highest importance on trust, confidentiality, mutual respect, humour and building a professional friendship with every person I work with.

The program entails an intitial sign up with my registered midwife mentor, and from then on, I become as available as you would like me to be, to provide support, answer questions, access information, plan for labour and birth and educate on anything and everything baby-related!
I mostly go along to antenatal appointments, and keep in touch on the phone, provide labour and birth support and early weeks of parenting support with all the women I am currently working with. This program allows me to further develop my skills in relationship building and observe and participate in procedures and those crucial moments.

I can be there to answer any of those questions you need answered abour labour, birth, early parenting and everything in between!

This is an intensive course which demands all of time, and I absolutely adore it, I feel I will never work another day in my life!

If you are interested in discussing this more and helping me to further myself in midwifery, and participating in a unique and invaluable experience with me, please contact me at any time!