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    Default little bit worried after a wonky stomach - TMI!

    Hi Ladies,

    I am 27 weeks pregnant and I’ve been really really paranoid about the whole Listeria thing and as such have been pretty careful about what I eat! Certainly steer clear of the no no list foods.

    The other night I had Red Rooster for tea with a friend ( I know not ideally healthy but was the only option at the time). I had nuggets and chips and gravy and I know that it was all cooked up fresh while I waited. Then about midnight I woke up with a bit of diahorrea. Then I woke up again a few hours later – same thing and then again in the morning when I woke up. I ate normally for the rest of the day no problems. No more runs. At no time did I have cramps or aches and pains or vomit or anything either. It was just those 3 unpleasant trips to the loo!

    I’m wondering if anyone else has had this? Do you think its anything to worry about?? I keep thinking – omg listeria but someone else told me the symptoms stick around for like a week and I woulda been a lot worse off than just a few bad trips to the loo! Then I read that the runs are one of the first signs that labour is pending and then I got all worried about going into pre-term labour!! Lol

    Would love a little reassurance. Bubs has been kicking away as normal really – maybe a tiny bit less but still lets me know my ‘little mate’ is there!

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    My tummy was always funny after eating oily food when I was preg with dd. I craved it but tried to stay away as I'd always end up on the loo all night! Not fun! May e just try to stay away from anything too greasy! I know that's easier said than done sometimes though


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