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    Quote Originally Posted by daddykisses View Post
    Question: we are due for DS's birth in early may and I have no idea what to do when it comes time for when DW's water breaks and we go to the hospital..

    Any ideas what is expected of me during this process?

    Any1 can be a father.. It takes a special someone to be a dad, and a greater person to be a stepdad
    I know a pp already said it but I also wanted to tell u what an awesome man u are for seeking advice about how best to help your wife. I WISH my husband had have thought to do this!!!
    Also as previously mentioned u just need to 'be there' for your wife. This will be the hardest and most emotional thing she has ever done (most likely u also!) and your support and love is what she needs (or what ever else she may demand
    Congratulations and best of luck for the beautiful and safe arrival of your little one.

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    I remember when I went into labour. My waters broke and I didnt even realise so its true when they say it can be a trickle. My contractions came and went and I could endure the pain until they were about 4 minutes apart. That was when my DH jumped into his role. He reminded me to breathe properly. He called one of his mates to drive us to the hospital so he could sit in the back seat with me to support me. And then at the hospital, he made sure I did some pelvic rocking exercises which we learnt during birthing classes (the only useful thing I got out of the class). However, he also let me abuse him. Not verbally because I'm not like that but I did bite his arms and gripped his hands really tight when the contractions were 2 minutes apart.

    So to sum things up, just be the supportive DH you were born to be. It will come naturally. My DH panicked for awhile and kept complaining "I dont know what to do or how to help you!" But in the end, he helped a lot more than we both expected him to.



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