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    There are so many alarming signs in your posts. Please let your family know and I'm sure they will do what they everything they need to get you home. This is not a safe place.He threw something at you then accused you of doing it to yourself??He is blaming you for taking everything away from him??He doesn't want you going out with him because you might spoil his fun.. he wants to use coke over other drugs.. This is not someone who has used drugs 3 times in 1 year, this is someone who appears to value drugs more than his family right now. You have major financial problems yet he can afford drugs?? He should be doing everything in his power to get work to support his family. It all just seems so unbelievably selfish and at a time when you should be excited & celebrating your baby. Please don't let him guilt you in to staying. Depression or not you don't deserve to be treated like that. Please look after yourself!

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    How are you atm OP? After reading your posts I'm really worried for you. The kinds of drugs he's using completely change a person's personality and bring out aggression and irrationality. Meth is bad news. It messes people up mentally and is highly addictive. I fear if you stay this relationship is only going to get more damaging. The things he is already saying to you are unacceptable and emotionally abusive and he has been phyically abusive. Things won't improve until he accepts he has a problem and takes steps to change.

    I'm sorry you've ended up in this situation. Please stay safe.

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    I was popping in to see how you're doing as well.

    Please take care x

    Mummy & Daddy - expanding our family! Our little man born April 2011 and now expecting another munchkin in August 2012! Loving it!!!!!


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