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    Default I honestly cannot fathom....!!!!

    So I have had a 'friend' of a 'friend' (I use both terms loosely) text me wanting to catch up. He was very forward and explicit in what he wanted to do to me . Now I had no idea who he was so I was curious about him - but I didn't participate in the conversation in the same way he did.

    After a while by a few things he said it occurred to me that he could possibly be married, but just not getting any. So I asked him and his answer was yes. He then asked if I could be with a married man to which I replied NO! I could never knowingly hurt another woman like that and that if he is feeling like behaving this way he needs to speak to his wife. I don't even know her (or him) but the guilt would be too much for me to bare.

    But it got me thinking how I can't betray a stranger - yet my ex husband could have an affair with my best friend. I honestly cannot fathom the guilt they must feel. Although perhaps I am a little naive and people that can do that maybe don't have the same sense of morals and guilt?? Anyway it got me thinking... also I am blown away now that I am single by the amount of 'taken' people who behave inappropriately. I think I've been living under a rock for 20 odd years!!
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    Good on you for putting him in his place. I hope you don't hear from him again, yuck.

    You are clearly a person with a conscience and good moral values - which is more than can be said of your ex-husband, best friend, and anyone else who behaves that way. I'm so sorry that happened to you

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    No I honestly cannot imagine. My hubby jokes to everyone that we know to ever ever ever do anything slightly illegal or dodgy in front of me - because the first hiny of cops I would confessing everything I had seen and heard. I just can't handle guilt, pressure or whatever it is. I just have to get it out.

    It simply wouodn't be possible for me to have an affair, I would crack and confess all before I had even met them!!

    I remember once when DH and I broke up when we were much younger. One of his mates and I had always had a bit of an attraction but nothing ever happened. Anyway he msg me cos he found out DH and I were not together and there was a bit of harmless flirting and a 'catch up soon' kinda thing. The next day I DH was at my house (he was still in the process of his moving out) and he msg his mate to come over for a beer before he left. I was feeling so guilty (even though I hadn't really don eanything) that I had to confess all to DH and I even cried. He was like, well you know we are broken up etc.

    A couple of months later when we were working our sh1t out - he said that moment had influenced his decision to get his sh1t together and grow up. Because I was so honest and open and direct. I think its mostly cos Im just a big chicken and softy. The idea/thought of hurting someone is unbareable to me.


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