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    My son was born at 34+4
    I had steroid injections a few days before as I was threatened per term labour (not due to any medical problems, just an eager baby)
    He was able to breathe unassisted, weighed 2.59kgs and had jaundice which required a couple of days phototherapy in a humidycrib aswell..
    I spend 4 days in hospital and he spend just shy of 3 weeks in the nursery! As soon as feeding was well established and tube was out we went home.

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    My daughter was born at 34 weeks exactly (after I got pre-eclampsia). I did have the steroids to boost her lungs and then was induced because she had stopped growing. She was 1.6kgs when born (3 pound 6) so a little smaller than they expected her to be even for 34 weeks. When she was born she was breathing fine by herself but was taken to the NICU for her checks. At her birth she had apgar scores of 9. Spent the 1st day in NICU1 then moved onto the SCN. Spent one week in the SCN at the major maternity hospital, then another week in the SCN at a more local hospital and then came home. Luckily for us she had no medical problems associated with being born prem, she breathed fine by herself, she did have a little jaundice and spent 3 days under lights but that was about it. We did have breastfeeding troubles and I was told that may have been partially because at 34 weeks their sucking reflex isnt too strong so she struggled and started out feeding via tube. But then also I was sick with the pre-eclampsia and then an epidural headache after the birth so I was delayed in beginning breastfeeding and my milk never really came in. I think that was more the problem rather than the actual prematurity. If you intend on breastfeeding get in touch with the ABA as they have some fantastic info on breastfeeding you premature baby including books and advice and also a feeding supplement system we used for a little while.

    My daughter is now 20 months old, weighs the same as her peers, looks the same as her peers and a lot of days runs rings around them. For her physically and emotionally and developmentally you would not know she was born premature - just a normal healthy growing little girl

    Good Luck, hope all goes smoothly for you and your bub xxxx

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    My DD2 was born at 34+2 weeks. she is now 4 weeks old. I went into spontanious labour. I was told they dont generally give steroid injections to people unless they are under 34 weeks. My dd2 was born a very healthy weight. She did have only a slight problem with blood sugar for a day. No biggie. She did have a nasal gastric feeding tube for about 10 days. She also had a few breathing issues and required cpap for about 4 days. She spent 8 days at the big hospital and a further 8 days in a more local hospital before coming home tube free and 100% breast fed. She had absolutely no issues with feeding, in fact the 1st hospital asked permission to use a dummy cos she just wanted to suck and suck and suck. As she was being tube fed, in a humdicrib to help regulate her body temp, on cpap and under lights for jaundice, I was unable to try to feed her and she was a natural when it came to the suck reflex. I was told babies dont normally have a good suck reflex until around the 37 week mark.But its nothing majr that cant be sorted in time.I was freaking out a bit when I had her but after seeing some of the other babies in Nicu/SCN, 6 weeks prem is nothing. There were babies in there that were 1/4 her size and around the 26 week gestation mark and earlier. They were doing quite well considering. So dont worry too much. the staff in these places are usually really great, they know what they are doing. a 34/35 week baby is reasonably close to being considered "term" these days. As our Dr said "babies at this age are generally fully developed if only a little immature, they really just need fattening up at this stage and a little extra special attention in the beginning".
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