I'm loosing my sanity!! I cant take this sleep deprivation anymore..its affecting me, my marriage, my relationship with DD.. Currently DD feeds to sleep(fully bf), wakes literally 2hrly sometimes every hr during the day,sleeps like 15-30min stretch during the day and than requires resettlling. I CANT HANDLE THIS ANYMORE!!! DH does help but still its too bloody hard now!! SO after much thought I've decided to try a sleep routine. She had silent reflux which has settled so no health concerns. I really need suggestion for a sleep method/ routine that I can use to get DD to fall asleep on her own , through the night (hopefully with minimum waking) and proper day time naps. I dont want to try controlled crying methods. With so much literature out there I dont want to buy every book there is and just get more confused (i dont have a library close by so wil have to buy book). Also ,did you end u trying more than 1 suggested method before something wworked ?
I want to try something on my own before seeking referral to Tresilian..so keeping that as a second option.
All your suggestions will be most welcome