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    That's a tough one, I feel for the OP because sometimes you just need to vent and not have 5 pages of people disagreeing with you but I can see it from the lifeguards point of view too, if everyone allowed their toddlers to play and walk around in the pool, shallow end or not, it would increase the likelyhood of one of those babies wandering a bit too far and ending up with water over their heads..I know their job is to watch out for things like that, but why increase the chance of them missing it?

    I suppose they could change the rule to say if you are alone with babe and have no other children with you, and therefor no other distractions, you can allow bubs to have a walk and splash around....but from their point of view,why would they risk it...? Better safe than sorry.

    Still though, coming from the mum of a water baby, I do understand wanting to let your baby experience the water freely.
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    DS just turned one this past week and there is not a chance I would let him swim independent of me, no way no how.


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