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    Default Baby Bonus, Maternity, Medicare Money Q!

    Sorry not sure where to post this! I've also posted on conception chat! so apologies!

    We will be TTC around May! I'm now off the pill and on folic.

    I have so many questions! I am from the UK and things are so differerent here!

    In regards to maternity pay from my company and baby bonus, am i right in thinking you can only choose one or the other? How do you know what to choose? Whats a good website?

    What if i take maternity pay and decide i dont want to go back after 12 months, or I move interstate, do I have to pay it back? (i think u do in the uk unless u go back for a couple of months before leaving)

    My HR department were a bit rubbish, i emailed them this question and they replied 'There is currently no mention of this in the parental leave policy or Enterprise Agreement', does this mean I dont have to pay it back if I stay at home or move away? How does it work at your company?

    We will be going public not private, i have read so many articles on pros & cons so how does medicare work in relation to paying for things? I have Bupa but I havent been with them long enoigh to get the pregnancy cover which is a boit lame! I am having my check up & blood test tomorrow to see if my immuinisations are still current.

    Back in the UK we have the NHS and eveything is free, doctors appointments, hospitals etc even the oral contraception pill is free! (however u pay for prescriptions). But i'm much happier here so I'm staying!!

    I emailed Medicare over a week ago asking for advice as i couldnt see much on their website and still waiting for a responce!

    Any help would be greatefully received!


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    Hi there, I'm from the UK too so when I had DD I had no idea what I did or didn't have to pay for. Hence I went public because I didn't want any scarey bills. Now things have changed a bit since then, and so no.2 is due. This time I'm going private so I pay for all my OB appointments and get a portion back from Medicare, and my private health insurance covers me once I'm admitted to hospital. I think that you get scans up to 12 weeks free with public (this time around I only had a dating scan via public at 8 weeks) and the lady told me that you now have to pay for scans after 12 weeks (but that may have just been the place that I went to). I'm sure someone else can reply to you about it with more accurate info.

    As for work, I work for a very large mining company and they pay 4 and a half months mat leave, AND you can also claim the govt parental pay (or baby bonus - whichever is better for you). So in my case I'll get paid until the end of June and they get the govt pay for 18 weeks from the beginning of July (you can choose when to get it paid). And no, in my case, you don't have to pay it back if you choose not to return to work (which I think is what your employer means by that quote you noted too).

    Ok hope I helped, I'll answer as much as I know, and good luck TTC

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    The paid parental leave is paid by the govt usually thru ur employer if u have been there over a certain amount of time, this is 18 weeks pay. By law u r entitled to 12 months unpaid maternity leave. U don't have to pay back the govt pay if u decide not to return after the 18 weeks or the 12 months.

    However if on top of this 18 weeks your work has a policy where they provide u with some sort of payment then if u leave umay have to pay that back.

    For example I'm due to leave work in 8 weeks to go on mat leave, I get 18 weeks from the govt paid thru my employer and then on top of that my employer has a policy they will pay me at half pay for 20 weeks in addition so I am taking a total of 38 weeks mat leave as I can't afford to have any time unpaid. As part of this policy I have to agree to come back to work min 3 days per week for 12 months. If I leave before the 12 months or decide not to return to work I have to pay back the 20 weeks that came from the company. Not the 18 that came from the govt.

    Hope u understood that lol

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    It's actually quite unusual for employers to make you pay back parental leave if you dont return and it sounds like you won't have to if it's not in the policy or EA.

    You can definitely get the government PPL or Baby Bonus on top of anything your employer provides. There is an online calculator to help you decide which one to take.

    I'm also from the UK. We are going public but have hired a private midwife. Have to pay or our scans but get a little bit back from Medicare. It is different to over there but I think it works really well over here.

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