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    My boss does not talk to me the way she does the other staff, she tried 3 times and I put her back in box each time. She really gets into the other staff makes them cry everything. They have been offered jobs elsewhere but chose to stay and put up with her.

    Most of my employers have tried to over power me, I just wont stand for it. In highschool I let them as I needed the money and it was a small town. I once had a boss who told a guy his GF should harden up and he was not going to let him leave, his miscarrying GF could drive herself to the hospital(and the GF boss told her to wait until her lunch break to go to the DOC that she was a burden). The BF went off at GF boss but she still works there

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    My first job ever, was a cashier at Toys R Us. I endured a year of it. And after working there, I never wanted to work again.
    My managers were not bad, but the store manager was. He was very intimidating. I was always stationed at the cashier right opposite his office, which had a 1 way window. Which you could still see through, when the lights were on in there. The store manager sat there and watched me as I worked. It kept me on my toes, as the moment I slowed down, or maybe did something wrong, he would be there to tell me.
    He hated children, (makes sense I know) and I got complaints from customers regularly that he was a rude man.
    I was clearly a not well teenager in those days, and was bordering the line of becoming painfully thin, and hated work. My youngest sister was very ill, and my Mum juggled her own work to take care of her. And one day she asked me to stay home to take care of her, cause her work were threatening to fire, or cut her hours. So I called in that morning and the store manager answered the phone. When I told him what was going on, he yelled at me through the phone and hung up on me. Pretty much stating my job was now also on the line.
    That next morning, I walked in, and he was waiting for me. Lectured me on work obligations, and priorities. I told him then and there. 'You can't make me choose between family and this job, because family will always win.'
    He didn't talk to me for the rest of the week. I then quit, the stress of having him about, wasn't worth it. And they didn't roster me for my last 2 weeks.

    The next one was at my last job.
    My position was working for an energy company. My job was processing contracts into the system at the time. Our team regularly changed managers. And the one I am referring to was the one with the longest run, but had the most complaints against him.
    In order to get people to work harder, he took everyone aside and told them that other members in the team had complained about them. Making everyone work hard, and not talk to each other, and made everyone feel angry at each other. Made it a very uncomfortable working environment. He didn't care about the employee, just the figures. Never mind we were understaffed. Meetings were always a thing the team ended up hating, as he never reported what we were doing well, but how we weren't doing. No matter what we told him, he never listened, literally a case of talking to a brick wall. It came to a point where I myself was pulled aside 3 times in 1 week. For him to tell me, someone had complained about me, and sometimes hinted to who it was, breaking the privacy code. I knew the person, and knew that they hadn't complained. He was trying to cut me off.
    Members from his old position had told us, that he did the same thing with their team, and tried putting them against each other to create better work progress.
    Eventually his rein of terror was ended, when he was promoted a transferred to a different office.

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    I worked at a large indoor children's play land on the north side of Brisbane, and the husband/wife owners were so disorganized. They kept hiring staff who had no idea what they were doing or they just stood around and gossiped. I remember one Saturday when I was rostered to do the birthday parties for that day when another girl was working the coffee machine when she saw her then BFs ex come in with her child.
    The ex saw her and turned around and left straight away, the girl I worked with ran out the back and started hurling abuse at the ex threatening to punch her head in, manager was no where in sight and about a million people standing around watching with their kids, I then grabbed the girl who threw herself out of my grip and then I grabbed her arm and took her inside to calm down. When the manager did appear all he could say was "don't do it again."
    I then told him my wrist really hurt, like REALLY hurt. He told me to have a break and ice it, then 5 minutes later told me to get back to work. I worked the whole day then I went to hospital where I had a broken scaphoid bone (base of the thumb). Went into work the next day in a cast.
    The same manager and male owner were there and I got my butt handed to me about breaking my arm at work where this other girl got no nothing.

    Two weeks later when the female owner was at work she asked me what had happened to my arm...
    Don't you and your husband talk?!

    Then basically the female manager who I was good friends with then asked where i was going and to my reply of nowhere, showed my emails from the owners and male manager saying how I won't be there for long and how I can't perform my work as I had a broken arm.

    I asked them to then fire me.

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    i used to have a boss that had obvious favourites, the useless (favourites) were promoted and the people who actually knew what they were doing were always looked over for opportunities.
    i went on mat leave and never went back


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