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    Default Help with 4 year constantly screaming

    My dd is 4 and she is constantly screaming. I've had it.
    She screams over everything. And I mean everything. We all have to live by her rules if not she will scream.

    It's driving me mental and I can't take it. She is starting kindy this week so I hope it will calm her down.
    My 6 yo ds with autism is a piece of cake compare to her.

    Im thinking she might have ADHD or something cause it's not normal.

    Is their a behavior expert I could see.

    I need help cause she is making me feel mad and I'm starting to dislike her

    Pls no mean judgement I'm trying my best and I've had it.

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    My dd can be a screamer too. It's hard to ignore, or not do anything to get her to stop. When I can handle it, I'll say I don't like her screaming and put her in her bedroom until she stops. She hates it though and it's hard for her to calm down, usually I let her scream for a few minutes and then go in and try and calm her down. She doesn't get her way though. When we are out or have people over I find it a lot harder though. Luckily the screaming stage has mellowed a bit more into a sulking/whining stage and sometimes she even puts herself in her room to scream.

    Kindy might help teach your DD that screaming isn't going to always get her her own way - kids are hilarious, they will happily throw their own tantrums/screams etc, but when they see their friends doing it they look in amazement like they've never seen anything like it! If she notices that happening she might tone it down?


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