Hi All,

Im starting to freak out a little bit. I started taking clomid in early december, and started to notice that i was losing more hair than normal when i would wash it in the shower. I have quite thick hair so i wasn't too worried. I had heard that some women can lose hair whilst on clomid.

So anyway that cycle was a failure, didn't ovulate.. and now i am currently on FSH injections, and the hair problem hasn't settled. I am getting huge clumps out in the shower, my hair has started to really thin out, and its starting to get noticeable!!!!!

Any of you had similar problems?? I do have PCOS, but my thyroid function is perfect. I'm taking elevit and folate (one on each alternate day). And have no other explanation for this hair loss...

Starting to stress cause I am getting married next month!!!

Mam xo