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    Default Rhesus Sensitised...or not?

    Hey everyone! I feel like I have been taken for a ride (and I am still on it!)...Basically, I am A- bloodgroup, meaning rhesus negative and my husband is O+. We have two beautiful, healthy girls aged almost 3 and 7 months who are both + bloodgroups. When I was pregnant with DD1 I developed M antibodies and she was born as yellow as a highlighter and stayed that way for months. She was never treated coz the docs overlooked the M antibodies - she is fine thank goodness. Second time around I delivered and they informed me that she had D antibodies in her system. They did several bloodtests and she was getting yellower by the second but 24 hours after birth they told me that the D antibodies had left her system. She escaped unharmed - just a little yellow. Anyway, my knowledge of isoimmunisation is that it moreso affects subsequent pregnancies so wanting to make an informed discision about getting pregnent with baby#3 I went to my GP who said that there is no word on my hospital discharge letter about isoimmunisation to D and I had a bloodtest that came up clear of the antibodies. Now I am confused as hell! Did I have them in the first place?? But then why were they checking her all the time? She has sent me off with a referral to an OB to discuss it. I delivered through the public system so I am not sure how easy my files will be to attain. So I guess I just want to know whether it is possible that I didn't develop the D antibodies afterall (I really want to have another baby) or is it not possible to register the antibodies unless you are pregnant? So sorry about the rambling, I am just confused!

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    I have just been diagnosed with Rhesus blood group negative as well (after my daughter haemorrhaged whilst in utero and was stillborn). I am doing as much research and medical opinions as I can. From what I understand, the anitbodies are in reaction to baby's blood in your system, so you may not have them in your system now, but if they look at your and hubbys blood type, this can determine the possibility of rhesus negative - and if there is a possibility, you should be monitored and immunised through out pregnancy, regardless of present antibodies - they should be preventing it form happening if it already hasn't. Your baby being yellow suggests jaundice, a sign of rhesus negative.
    I have been referred to Mater hospital as my specialist said any future pregnancy is risky and needs to be monitored constantly and consistently. My advice is keep asking questions - do not be ignored, find a Dr who will listen to your concerns (as I had to do).
    It is still possible to have a healthy baby You just have to be proactive

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    Hi Bockbock

    I am also rhesus negative. After a miscarriage I was given an Anti-D shot to help with future pregnancies. Then whilst pregnant with my son I was given, throughout my pregnancy a total of 3 shots at set times ( sorry cannot remember exactly when), I was also given another shot after his birth as he was a positive blood group. This I was told would help protect the next pregnancy. I am pregnant again ( 17 weeks) and I think at 24 or 28 weeks I need to start the shots again.
    Hope this makes sense and I am not way off track

    Me 33
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