Hi There!!

I'm Michelle, I'm almost 22 years old and I need to loose my baby weight.
I was quite big in high school, loosing all my weight by the time I was 20.
I had lost about 30kg.
This was really exciting, I was extremely proud and very happy with me weight.
Now after having my beautiful little girl, I have put on a few pounds, and I need to motivation to keep going.
I can be quite a gym junkie when I get started, but at the moment I do not have a gym membership and without the available equipment I do not have as much motivation to keep going.
I would love to meet a Gym Buddy who can either join the Bond Uni gym with me, or lives near Labrador on the Gold Coast and would like to take regular walks, or attend free exercise classes together.
There are lots of cheap (under $10) and free classes over the gold coast, including yoga, walking groups, paddle boarding and pretty much everything you can think of.
I will do any of these! And would love to try out more than 1.

Looking forward to making friends/gym buddies!