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    Default Third time labor.. Opting for water birth. Any tips/tricks?

    DD1 was born after 8 hours with me on my back the whole time (not by choice).
    DD2 was born after 6 hours, again with me on my back the whole time, and again not by choice.
    I'm currently 37 weeks 6 days pregnant and have decided on a water birth at the hospital, with my own midwife (who I've had each antenatal appointment with) and my friend who is a doula and was also present for my previous labors.
    I'm basically terrified of the pain, especially considering the level I was in with DD2.. But once again I'll be refusing meds as I don't believe it's fair for the baby.. At most I'll have gas, which is also why I opted for the water birth, as I'm told it's "natures epidural" and I really want to work with gravity to try to get through it as fast as possible..
    So do any of you have any tips or tricks I could use, and positions, etc to make it quick?
    the bath is "standard size" but deeper than normal.

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    I loved my water birth! The pain seemed so much less intense when i was submerged, the warm water works wonders for pain. I was kind of lying, kneeling back in the tub, mine was a bit bigger than a normal bathtub so i had a little bit of room to manoeuvre around. I found the pushing/crowning to be a bit more comfortable than a land birth too, the water helped soften things downstairs for me, and i only has a superficial tear as opposed to a 2nd degree tear i had in my land birth. While i still felt the ring of fire, it wasn't like i had hot coals on my vagina, more like a warm cloth if that makes sense. Another thing i was really surprised about was how clean it was...there was hardly any blood and bits in the water when i hopped out, and i felt so refreshed too. I didn't have any pain relief with either birth, but the water one was by far easier than the land one. I didn't get into the water until about an hour before he was born, and i had 45 minutes of pushing. Before that i was walking around, and upright the whole time except when my MW checked me for dilation once.
    Good luck, it's really a beautiful thing

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    Have you spoke with your doula about birth affirmations re: pain? I wouldn't go into it with any preconceptions for positions (nor location really) go in with an open mind to follow what your body is telling you to do, trust your instincts

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    i also wouldn't go into it with ideas on positions, I think once you get in and move around a bit, you will naturally get into a position that works. the best for me was on my knees and leaning forward with my arms resting on the side of the pool. the pain relief is AMAZING in water. i cannot empahsise that enough and wish that all women the opportunity to labor in water, or even better, give birth in water. i also get that it's not for everyone but i wish more women would try it.

    i would highly recommend hypno birthing/ calm birthing, even get a manual from someone who may have done the classes (which is all I did) as it really really helps you to center yourself and to relax.
    good luck!

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    My water birth was wonderful, I will use it again . I've bought a pool in this website : http://birthpoolinabox.co.uk

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    Waterbirth was wonderful. I didn't get in till the very end though. Labour was spent upright to speed the process along, go with gravity! The best position was hanging off my partner, squatting. It helped to have him so close. Hopped in the bath at 9cm and whoa! Pain reduced 40%! Still gave birth to an apartment with balconies but Definetly not like my first which was on my back. With both births I didn't start pushing until my body did first. That's how I knew I was ready to push. No tearing and so wonderful to pull bubs out from under you.

    The best trick.I.have found with both births is to work with each contraction. Your instinct is to.tense up into a ball and cry but the more you relax and visualise baby moving down the quicker and smoother things will be.

    Good luck!

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