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    Default When did your little on start sleeping over?

    Hi everyone,
    I have an amazing 1 year old son to my ex. Ex and I were not together when we found out about DS, but have remained good friends. FOB sees DS most days when he is done studying, and has looked after him 4 nights, 2 at my place when I was in hospital, once at his house when I was interstate and recently when we were both staying over, but had a huge fight and I left early morning.

    FOB said yesterday he wanted DS to stay at his lastnight. I said no, as I am breastfeeding and didn't have milk stashed in the freezer. DS has recently cut down on his feeds which means expressing is not as easy as it was a few months ago, and it takes a few days to get even one feed.

    FOB and I are not getting along at all at the moment. My son and I are living with my parents, and FOB hates having to come here to see him, which I think is fair enough. FOB takes DS to his place for a few hours every now and then, and I use the time to get some study done.

    What age did your little one start sleeping over at your ex's? I HATE the idea of my son being away so, so much.. but can appreciate his father's rights to spend time with his son. Sorry, my thoughts are rather jumbled at the moment.

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    Hi ex and I split when my DD1 was 14 months old and he started having her over night from then two nights every second weekend, I missed her like crazy but I knew she needed that time with her dad.

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    DS was 2 1/2 when he first started sleepovers.. we separated when he was 8 months. Only started happening out of the court process as I'd had some safety concerns. Now DS is 3 1/2 and has 2 nights every 2nd weekend and a daytime visit on the other weekend.


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