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    Hey pynk my OB didnt start worrying bout my BP till the bottom number got higher then 90, yours is at 80 so getting higher but would still be ok as far as my OB would be concerned. What did your doc say bout it? Do you need to go back sooner then normal for BP check ups?
    When my BP started getting high I had to go back to the maternity ward every few days then every day to have my BP checked.
    They usually start worrying bout Pre clampsia at 20 weeks on wards but your doc will put you on BP meds as soon as they think it's getting too high.
    You can always go to your chemist in a day or so and get them to check it, they don't charge you and at least you will be able to keep track if it's getting higher or not.
    My BP didn't start rising till around 25 weeks then around 30 weeks I was put on a high dose of meds and was in and out of hosp and ended up getting pe at 36 weeks. Apparently Pre clampsia is alot more common in your first pregnancy then your second.
    Hope this made some sense!
    Good luck I hope your BP dos'nt go any higher

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    In my first pregnancy I was induced at 37+3 because my BP rose to 145/105. At my last antenatal appointment this pregnancy it was 120/80 and they said that was excellent.

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