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    Hi legsintheair,
    We are going better than we were a few mths ago, of course with every month there seems to be a new challenge. I have started using the 123 Magic technique, I started it about 2 mths ago and she responds to it well enough given she is only 22 mths. Although there are days I still tear my hair out and she drives me insane still. A funny story though, I was counting as in 123 magic and it was for about the hundredth time in this particular day, I sternly said 1, she looked at me and gave a smile and said "two twee" I struggled to not laugh it was the cutest funniest thing! She knows it's cute and still tries to diffuse the counting by counting herself, little monkey! Family daycare has been great and I can say I am a better parent knowing I can get a break from her, there are 2 boys her age there and she loves it, her carer agrees she is the most active strong determined girl she has seen in a long time. she is now very gentle and protective of her brother. I pick my battles with her though, food time can be stressful, veggies are a no go but when she is old enough to understand reasoning then we will tackle that problem. When she gets something in her head she can be as stubborn as me and I don't always win. I have given her a smack or two - something im not proud of and know it doesn't achieve anything. Now I just take a time out, I literally scan the room to make sure all is safe and just go outside for 5 mins. So I guess I won't lie to you, it's no bed of roses, but it is better. I get her out and about to unleash as much energy as possible, she gets bored so easily and some days I just have to tell her go to her room and sort herself out ( if I'm dealing with my 8 mth old - a dream
    Baby in comparison to DD) I yearn for sleep and a somewhat co-operative child, I'm sick of explaining to friends no we can't meet them
    In a cafe or restaurant as DD wont sit for 2 minutes... Our friends all have kids but none like ours. I'm sick of people coming to my house and panicking when she climbs in something, she is a climber and I cant stop her all the time, I hate people coming to my house as she is like a bull in a china shop, it's my house and I don't want to be stopping her playing the way she does, I know I'm not a bad parent, I do my very best for her and when it's good it is awesome. I do look forward to easier more sociable times. I hope it gets easier for you, hang in there. Right now I'm lying down feeding DS, DD has taken all her clothes and nappy off, she is sitting on my hip playing horsey.. And I'm typing on the phone! How's that for multitasking!!!

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    Oh I just saw this. Glad it's gotten a little easier for you. I have also had the pleasure of using the 1, 2, 3 technique and she responds quite well but like yours thinks its funny to count with me. Mine is a bit of a smarty pants showing off how far she can count to!
    The tantrums are still coming although with extra language skills I feel like they are improving. I completely understand what it's like to cancel on friends because it's not a 'good day' or dip out of cafe catch ups. I am actually pregnant now with a baby due in less than 2 months. I can't wait to see how that all pans out 😏
    My family are all interstate also but I've recently asked - for the first time ever, for my mum and sister to come an help out.
    Let me know how it's all going. I believe deep down that our girls will be very bright, sensitive and assertive little girls which is what I ultimately hope for.


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