Hi all!

I'm a speech pathologist who is currently working on a project which is in the preliminary stages. I am hoping to find out more about the areas that are lacking in terms of services that support parents in terms of educating their children outside of the clinic (for both typically developing and special needs children).

This could involve things like:
- what and where to buy educational resources for your child (e.g toys)
- what books to read
- what to teach your child at different ages (e.g. concepts, shapes, colours)
- what to expect for your children at different ages (e.g. speech and language, social skills)
- any other areas

With this knowledge, I am seeking to find ways to address these areas which can been done in a number of ways (e.g. increasing awareness/providing more information via various ways through workshops, social media etc.)

What are the areas you as parents would like to see more of? Please share your thoughts!