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    Well I didn't have a labour, but a had one hell of a pregnancy & c/section, it starts like this, at 24 weeks pregnant I was working as a chef doing some mega hrs, as their was no one else, I felt like my feet were swelling, I go see my gp the next day and she finds protein in my urine and that a some swelling in my feet and sends me to the hospital for more tests, I end up spending 3 days their, then getting released to continue weekly hospital visits, then 4 days later while back at gp, she checks my blood pressure and it's through the roof, with protein still in my urine, back to the hospital where I was for 1 week, before getting told I had to moved to bigger hospital cause they couldn't deal with such Premature birth at that point I was 25 +4 days, off to mater mothers Brisbane where I stayed for 5 long hard stressful weeks, I saw so many ppl come and go, I was angry, excited, scared! I was getting sicker by the day, scans ever 2nd day, bloods everyday, woken up every 4 hrs! Then on the 26th march I was told I was getting too sick and bub would be born tommorow morning at 8am via c/section at 30+4 days! On the day, everything went bad, my daughter was born placed in warm crib, with wires coming of her every where, I went back to my room to rest and everyone went home, but that wasn't the end, 20 mins later they came in and rushed me to ICU to start a magnesium infusion, I was there for 2 days, I would not let anyone see my daughter except her daddy until I was there! I was then released back to maternity ward and spent another 3 days there! My daughter blossomed she wasn't sick just tiny 2lbs, or 1.3kg she is now almost 4! I do feel I missed out on soo much, but that's life can't have your cake and eat it too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lulululu View Post
    Lw sorry you had such crappy treatment. Did they actually admit fault in writing? That's amazing!

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    I dont remember exactly what the letter said but someting along the lines of we apologise for treatment you felt you received. By the time I left hospital I was just over it. I opened the letter and thought yeah whatever. I dont think it neccessarily admitted guilt more so a generic sorry you felt that way. If the outcome had of been different and things didnt end up ok in the end I doubt I would have got an apology.

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    Wow, I'm so sorry that people have been treated so badly. It's so unfair that something that should be beautiful and special has been ruined by horrible treatment.


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