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    Default Are there any concerns with using a metal framed cot instead of wooden?

    Hey all,

    I have recently had a good friend offer us the cot she used for her son. It is a metal frame, with round metal bars on the sides instead of wooden slats.

    These are the safety issues I can think of (for any cot wooden or metal)
    - slats on the side not too wide apart so older bubs cant get their head stuck
    - matress that fits well, so bubs cant slip down the sides
    - no broken parts etc
    - for metal cot I will check re lead paint, but its quite new so Im not too worried

    Is there anyting else I should be aware of?

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    Not sure I would go metal. My DS moves around a lot (he's 2) and bangs into the side and top of his cot with his head. We always hear him!!

    Doesn't seem to hurt, maybe it's because the wooden slats have give in them, but metal wouldn't. Just something to consider maybe.

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    How old is the cot? Check the corners. My mum borrowed an aged cot from a friend with metal bars when we stayed with her for a few weeks. It was a bit rickety, which didn't really worry me, but the corners were angled and had a huge space in between the bars there. I didn't say anything, as my child was over age 2 at the time and very docile (!), but for an active toddler it would've been flat out dangerous. Sometimes the cheapest cots available in KMart/BigW which are brand new are a better option. Is this your first child and are you planning on having more? If you are, I would definitely go new. You'll get your value out of it.

    Having said all that, I'm using a 10 - 11 yr old cot for my new baby due this year, used by 3 kids prior to her and I feel comfortable with it! Good luck

    Oh - I don't know if I would worry about the diff. between metal and wood??? If you bash your head on something, it's hard anyway!!!


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