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    Default The long awaited arrival of my DS

    Well its about time I wrote out DS's birth story.

    I had a midwife appointment on the 23rd of September at 39+6 weeks, was examined and told I was 1 cm but can be stretched to 2. The midwife didnt think I would make it through the weekend. Well due date came and went as did the next day. I had another appointment on the 26th with the doctor who had said that I would be induced the following week if nothing happens before. Yay an end in sight. The doctor checked me and found that I was 4 cm and stretchy. I was allowed to go home but to expect bleeding after the stretch. So I found I was bleeding a bit but was expected so no real worries for me there.

    Later on that night I just wanted to get out of the house so got DH to come with me for a waddle up the street. Got to the top of the street and was starting to have some niggles. DH asked if I wanted to keep going or head home. I opted for home. Went to the toilet when we got back and noticed I was bleeding more so I rang the birthing unit to get some advice. The midwife I spoke to said it was probably my plug and to lie down and see if it get heavier or eases off and to ring back in half a hour. So off I go to lay down I think it was 1030pm at this stage. I start getting contractions about 2-3minutes apart lasting 30seconds so I ring the hospital back at 11pm and told to come in to be checked. I ring my mum as she was meant to take us in and then wait for 20 minutes before she got to our place. Im still having contractions and walking around.

    Eventually she arrives and off we go to the hospital. I have 3-4 contractions in the car but dont let on to mum or DH. Once we get to the hospital I am checked and found to be 5cm and wont be going home. DH goes and gets my bag from the car after I am shown to my room and then left to labour. DH and mum make themselves comfy while I lean against a high table thats in the room as it was perfect height to swing and sway against during contractions.

    I was told I will be examined again at 6am and have my waters broken if they hadnt broken already. I was handling the pain really well seeing as I have a really low pain tolerance. At 6am I started to not be able to cope with the pain anymore and asked for gas. The midwife had me hop onto the bed and checked to see how far I was. Yay 9cm so my waters were broken and then the contractions really amped up. I had to be monitored as DS had pooed and there was mec in the waters. I had about 5 contractions before I could feel the urge to push. I had DH call the midwife who said I could push when ever I wanted.

    I started pushing and pushing but I couldnt seem to get DS's head out. He kept starting to crown and then would go back in. After 2 hours of this the OB on duty came in and said that I could try pushing by myself and try and get him out but after about half hour of this, she recommended I have a bit of help. At this point I was exhausted so I opted for help with the vaccum. 2 pushes later and DS was born. He was offered boob straight away but wasnt really interested. I didnt even feel when the placenta came out as I was too busy looking at my DS.

    I ended up with a 3rd degree tear which the OB attempted to stitch up in the birthing unit but wasnt happy with it so I had to go to theatre for so I missed out on DS's first bath and his weigh in and measurements.
    So my lil DS was born on his aunty's birthday (my sister who had said all along that I would have the baby on her birthday) weighing 3.245kg 50cm long and a head circ of 34cm. Apgars were 9 and 9.

    DS had to go under lights in hospital and then into a humidicrib under lights for 3 days as he had jaundice . Finally came home after 5 days and still had to have his jaundice levels checked but luckily they got better and he put on heaps of weight. Only lost 75g 6 days after his was born but when he was weighed again 2 days after that he has put on 130g.

    I was in labour for 10 hours and stood for all of it until I got to 9cm and couldnt handle anymore contractions on my own and needed some gas. I was told to use the gas again when the OB was trying to stitch me up but I was only using it for when the midwife was putting in a cannula as I cant stand needles.

    Thanks to anyone for reading my long story. I hope it makes sense

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    Well done! Lovely to read!

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    Congratulations I also had a third degree tear, it's not nice hey! But all worth it when you look at your baby!


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