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    Default Zofran and constipation. Oh my!

    Hi. I'm 11 weeks and take 4mg of Zofran to ease the vomiting so I can work. It gives me incredible constipation. I get the urge to poo once every 3-4 days and by then it's too hard to come out. So painful and I had to go to the ER last week. The laxatives I was given don't work so I got a suppository which helped a fair bit but still hurt like hell. I eat well, lots of fibre, prunes and lots of fluid but I vomit so much too. Has anyone had this with Zofran? I think I need to use a suppository again as my bum is too sore from last week's attempt. Does anyone know if glycerol suppositories are ok to take 1-2 times a week? Sorry for all the details. I hope this ms ends soooooon.

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    Hun I can empathise & I'm so sorry you're going thru this cause I was exactly the same during my last pregnancy. 4mg a day was just terrible bc I needed that to function but the constipation was EVIL.

    I read that you shouldn't use suppositories in pregnancy unless necessary (& I know it's necessary when you just can't get it out IYKWIM). I found my diet really helped me go every day when I did the following each day:
    (1) Eat a bowl of Allbran with tblspoon of chia seeds & tblspoon of psyllium husk for breaky followed by big glass of water
    (2) 10 prunes for morning tea followed by big glass of water
    (3) Any breads, pastas I switched to wholemeal
    (4) I drank at least one big cup of water each hour, just lots & lots of water
    (5) Eat lots of black olives (jar ones)
    (6) Have a good walk each day

    And yep I know when ur sick all the above is freakin hard to do but I really found things were better when I did them. Goodluck!!!


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