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    Default Early labour and getting fed up..

    Hey guys,

    I am 38 weeks pregnant and for the last 2 days I have been having 2-3 mild contractions every 10 minutes. I have had my bloody show and the mucous plug is just about all gone now. I went to the hospital last night to check how things were progressing because with my first child I didn't know I was in labour until I was 7cm. They put me on the monitor and the contractions were as I said.. 2-3 every 10mins. An internal showed I was only 2cm and 50-80% effaced. The midwife informed me because the contractions were so frequent I would more than likely be back that night or the day after. Its now the day after and the contractions remain the same. The past two nights I have had bugger all sleep coz of these contractions and I am really fed up.
    How long do you think the doctors will let me continue getting these contractions and no sleep before they intervene? They are fine while I'm awake but don't allow me to sleep more than a couple of hours. Or will they just let me go?

    Any one have any advice?

    1 Fed up mummy!

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    I feel your pain. With DD (1st pregnancy) I had contractions every 7 minutes from Sunday arvo until wednesday morning. I'd had my show and also lost my plug on Monday night. I went into the hospital late Tuesday night and they gave me some panadiene forte and sedatives to help me get some rest (I was 5cm and 85% effaced).

    I left at 7am Wed morning and was back at 6:30pm Wed night at 4 mins apart.

    I highly recommend going back in and asking for a script for panadiene forte. It wont get rid of the pain completely, but it does help take the edge off. Also if you have a chair that can go in the shower, try that with very warm water. It only helped for me short term as I couldn't sit still.

    I have my fingers crossed for you that it happens soon.


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